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Zoë Saldana Discloses Why She Chose Marco Perego


Zoë Saldana opens up as to why she chose Marco Perego over Bradley Cooper.

Although Zoe Saldana stayed quiet when asked about pregnancy rumors in the latest Fashion’s August 2014 issue, but nevertheless she talked about choosing Marco Perego for marriage after splitting up with her on-and-off now, ex-boyfriend Bradley Cooper.

Zoë Saldana Discloses Why She Chose Marco Perego

Their story begins with Saldana and Cooper who started dating on the shoots of The Words, and then soon fell apart before the New Year’s Eve in 2012. “I could finally spend some time with myself after the relationship got over, but to me although it was a short and crisp period of time, I found it beautiful and soothing as I conquered the fear of being alone,” She told the magazine in her interview. She further added “It was total bliss.”

This single stunner was later seen locking lips with Perego in an afterparty of Star Trek Into Darkness recently in May. It was a happy and soon realization for the couple who said that they were meant to be together.

“I found him, my partner at a really beautiful phase of my life. It was perfect.” The 36 year old star Saldana says about her artist husband. She then married him later in summer and says it was like she had found all her answers with him and not just in him.

Romance with Perego is different than that with her ex, she explains, in a way that this time they both are artists of same genre and understand the Ups and Downs of their field. “This is the key to my relationship with him” she says.