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Your urine color says a lot about you


I guess most people would not be knowing what the color of their urine says about their health.

So, we here have brought a complete list of what your urine color reveals about your health.

Lets get started:

#1 No Color or White transparent (just like water) – You are completely healthy, you drink plenty of water.

#2 Pale – It is normal. But you need to drink a little more water. However, this color also shows that you are taking diuretic (a drug that forces the body to get rid of excess water), if you are not drinking much water .

#3 Dark Yellow – This is also normal, but you need to drink more water.

#4 Amber or Honey – As the third, this is not dangerous but you should drink more water.

#5 Syrup or Brown Ale – Well, this shows that you have chances of liver disease or you are having severe dehydration. Visit doctor if drinking water doesn’t help.

#6 Pink Or Red – Either you eat beets, blueberries or you are having blood in urine. Visit doctor as soon as possible if urine color is red and you don’t eat mentioned stuffs.

#7 Orange – This shows that you may have liver or bile duct problem. Visit doctors.

#8 Blue or Green – This is very rare and mostly happen because of genetic diseases. Visit doctors immediately.

#9 Foaming – Well, this is not color, but if your urine causing creation of Foam always then you may kidney issue or you are taking excess protein in your diet. Visit Doctor if it continues.