Your toothpaste can do a lot more things than cleaning only teeth

Did you know that your toothpaste with which you only brush your teeth also useful in several other things.

Well, you need to read the things which you can do with toothpaste:

#1 To remove gum from hairs or cloths – Just take some toothpaste on brush and start brushing the part where the gums are stuck.

#2 To remove dirty smell from your hand – just wash your hand using toothpaste

#3 To remove water rings from wooden furniture – just take some paste and rub at the place

#4 To get a clean and shiny nails – rub the paste using a soft brush on nails

#5 To repair old CDs – just wash the old CDs using toothpaste.

#6 To remove little scratches from phone – just rub the part with the little toothpaste using a cotton cloth

#7 To remove color marks from wall – just wash them using toothpaste

#8 To get rid pimples fast – apply toothpaste on pimples to get rid of them too fast

#9 To make silver utensils shiny – wash and rub them using toothpaste


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