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Your thumb says a lot about your love life


After palm lines reading and ring finger reading, here we are again with a new trick to know more about someone’s life but this time it is about love life.

Let’s get started:

#1 If your first half of thumb is bigger than the second half (from outer edge side) – Well, mate you are very passionate and faithful person. You get into love a bit late but once you get into, you become the most faithful, caring and romantic person. But sometimes this impression goes as wrong one and the other side may interpret this with some bad things.

#2 If the first half and other half are same in size – You are the person who believes taking everything in very planned manner, even in relationship. You are a very calm and composed person, no matter what happens. You judge everything, even emotional thing, objectively.

#3 If your first half of thumb is smaller than the second half – You are a deep thinker and that applies in your love life too. You don’t show your feelings to the one who you have crush on. And sometimes this brings you on darker side.