You wouldn’t be knowing what eating banana can do

Eating banana can be very helpful for your body. It can help in improving your skin, hairs, digestive system etc.

Read more about the significance of eating banana regularly:

#1 Improves digestion and so avoids constipation

#2 Cures Diarrhea by smoothing the bowel movement

#3 Treats piles irritation

#4 Acts as Antacid during acidity

#5 Reduces level of cholesterol

#6 Maintains Blood Pressure

#7 Reduces hearth attack chances

#8 Brings Sleep if suffering with insomnia

#9 Helps in Anemia

#10 Calcium in banana promotes bone’s health

#11Helps in increasing memory

#12 Good for skin as it has Vitamin A

#13 Can be used a facial mask after mashing it with lemon juice for glowing skin

#14 These facial mask even be helpful in reducing development of pre-mature aging effects.


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