You won’t believe what happened when she poured beer on her hairs: must read

Another way of getting a lustrous hairs and that’s only using beer with some homemade things.

Follow the below steps:-

#1 Get a bottle of Lukewarm Flat Beer and pour it completely on your hairs. Don’t Use any other.

#2 Let the beer stay on your head for few minutes.

#3 Now wash it to get rid of that beer smell. Here beer helps in hair softening and cleansing.

#4 Well, as next step, prepare a mixture of two egg yolks, two tablespoon of olive oil with a half cup of water.

#5 Apply the mixture very gently on your scalp

#6 Massage for few seconds and leave them for 20 minutes

#7 Now wash it

#8 Now time to give final touch – prepare a mixture (paste) of two tablespoons of honey with 7mls of conditioner and a tablespoon of cinnamon.

#9 Apply this mixture

#10 Leave for four hours or for whole night and wash in next morning.

Repeat these steps two times in a months to get smooth and shiny hairs.


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