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You will never use cotton swabs after this


Many of us love the feeling of cleaning our ears out after we shower, but you will never use cotton swabs in your ears again after you read this! From the article at Diply.com, comes some great info on this subject. When it comes to ear hygiene, you could be doing more harm than good if you’re using cotton swabs. The ear is an extremely delicate area and, precautions should be taken before when cleaning them yourself. It is easier than you think to end up with impaired hearing, infection, and/or painful long term damage. A paper in Engalnd cites that 7,000 people a year damage their ears with cotton swabs. Most people aren’t even aware of the doctors’ warnings about cleaning your ears this way. You should actually never stick anything in your ear canals, at all. Besides the fact that you can very easily damaged your eardrum by doing so, using cotton swabs also pushes wax which could result in impairment if you’re hearing. Most people have been taught that earwax is nasty and has to come out. It is important to remember that earwax is produced naturally by glands in your ears and it is healthy to have a normal amount of wax present. It actually has antibacterial properties, and serves as part of your body’s defense system, cleaning and lubricating the canals of your ears. Your ears will clean themselves for the most part, but when you do find yourself needing to do some yourself, it’s best to know the proper way to do so without the chance of causing damage. Warm salt water is one way to loosen and flush out the wax. Oils are another safe alternative.