You should not eat Garlic at all, if you are

Garlic is believed as the healthy herb but we should know that few peoples who suffer with some certain illness are advised to not to eat Garlic.

Let’s discuss who are advised to avoid Garlic:

#1 People who suffer from Liver problems should not eat garlic as it is believed that some of the elements of Garlic may cause during this situation.

#2 People who suffer from non-bacterial diarrhea should not eat Garlic. Well, here most of you say that Garlic helps in diarrhea. But sometimes eating raw garlic may cause intestinal mucosal.

#3 People who are going to have a surgery should stop eating Garlic at least before two weeks.

#4 Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not eat Garlic.

#5 People who suffer from Lo-Blood Pressure should not eat as it makes the condition to worse.

#6 People with eye disease should stop eating garlic because it may increase the problem.


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