X Factor star Orla Keogh under custody for Drug Dealings

Drugs and stars! This time the X Factor lady star is under custody!

Surprisingly, the tough and strict lady star of the popular X Factor show, Orla Keogh is known to be a drug dealer by Spanish Police. She was accused of dealing with Class A drugs in Ibiza as on Friday noon.

X Factor star Orla Keogh under custody for Drug Dealings

Orla, 21, who was evicted in the boot camp, denied any involvement in such activities as per her interview published in the Sun newspaper.

She is known to have been arrested at the Ocean Beach Club last year for carrying drugs such as ecstasy pills, LSD tabs and other crystal methamphetamine.

Although the Irish singer has turned down the allegations but her pictures on Facebook speak otherwise. She’s been defending herself on the social networking sites quoting ‘ babiez cry when they lie.” and “Try to bully me with this nonsense; the fictional “facts” are beyond even considering!’

The officials have booked her for possessing 21 ecstasy tablets, three vials of crystal methamphetamine and 10 LSD tablets.

She was arrested with a 25-year old man and is now in an Ibiza jail.

Despite the issue getting more serious with each passing day, the star is seen unperturbed. She has been giving out fun remarks and statements regarding her allegations but has denied visiting the city police for a detailed investigation.

The X factor show has been supporting the actor saying that the actor is clean and they only admit those stars that have no criminal history.


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