X Factor In Controversy; Gives Second Chance To Chloe-Jasmine

Again the X Factor has been caught into controversy. This time, despite fluffing first audition, the Chloe-Jasmine Whichello contestant was given permission to perform.

Earlier, in front of huge crowd, around 5,000 audiences, at Wembley, the posh singer sang jazz standard Misty and forget her words. She broke down in tears.

X Factor In Controversy; Gives Second Chance To Chloe-Jasmine

This Saturday she performed in front of different crowd and impressed the judges. She sang Why Don’t You Do Right and achieved the next level of the competition.

It is reported the producers of the show had decided giving her another shot because of their desperation to keep her on the shows.

If believed to a source, the original audition of the former private school student was very bad and it was never shown on television.

The source said, “She started singing the Ella Fitzgerald song Misty but soon forgot her words and started crying and had to abandon it. It was a car crash… With a different song and a better performance, she got through. It’s clear bosses are absolutely desperate to keep Chloe in the show.”

According to ITV spokesperson, the panel gives second chance to a contestant if they feel he or she has not been able to fulfill their potential.

The TV audience only saw she win over the judges on Saturday show.

Louis Walsh enthused said to her on the win, “I loved your audition, I love everything about you. I love your name, I love your style, I love the whole vibe.”


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