Would Robin Williams Be Starring In A Mrs. Doubtfire Sequel?

If you’ve watched the hilariously outrageous Hollywood flick Mrs. Doubtfire where Robin Williams so coolly transformed into an elderly nanny and wondered why there hasn’t been a sequel to this one get ready to have another round of Mrs. Doubtfire’s antics!

Nearly twenty years after the film came out in 1993, the sequel is set to tickle our funny bones and with Williams in it! The movie is being developed by Fox 2000 and will be directed by Chris Columbus apart from main lead Robin Williams. According to reports it’s David Berenbaum who’ll be penning the movie’s screenplay. In the past decade there have been several attempts to make a sequel but no screenplay idea that came up was deemed fit to start work on. A sequel that was to begin in 2001 was quashed. News went that Robin Williams didn’t find the script too interesting.

Mrs. Doubtfire Sequel

Mrs. Doubtfire Sequel

So will the Flubber star who has aged since then be able to do justice to the role? We sure hope so! Apparently the recent rewrite by David Berenbaum has found favor with Williams and director Chris Columbus both of whom feel the new story will get Mrs. Doubtfire back into the groove and are ready to start off with project Mrs. Doubtfire 2 anytime soon. Robin Williams who’s been in news for his role in The Butler has recently been busy with another sequel, Night at the Museum-3.

Mrs. Doubtfire was adapted to a 1987 novel by Anne Fine. Williams played a divorcee and a struggling actor who impersonates and dresses as a Scottish nanny to be close to his kids. The movie when it was released raked in a $441 million worldwide. It also won for Robin Williams the Golden Globe ‘Best Actor’ award apart from an Academy award in the ‘best makeup’ category.

William’s co-star in the original film Mara Wilson has however not supported the remake. Voicing her opposition on Twitter Mara said she felt sequels weren’t as good as the original and with a concept like Mrs. Doubtfire the movie ended where it needed to. She is certainly not the director’s part of plans for movie’s cast this time.

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