World’s shortest couple are all set to get married

The combined height of this couple is around 5 feet 10 inches, and with that they become the world’s shortest couple.

Meet, 30 year old, Paulo Gabriel da Silva Barros, who is 34.8 inches tall and 26 year old, Katyucia Hoshino, who is 35.2 inches tall.

They are planning to tie the knot soon and with that they will become the shortest married couple.

Katyucia once said in a talk that Paulo approached her through the MSN messenger around 10 years ago. They talked that time but she didn’t like his behavior and hence she blocked her.

But after few years, they both started talking again.

And the talks, soon turned into feelings.

But the main turn came when Paulo proposed her for marriage and she said yes.

Both are very happy planning for their future.


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