Woman puts fiancee on ‘sex ban’ in order to get what she wants

Hey ladies, have you ever thought what to do to make your boyfriend buy whatever you want.

Well, here one lady has come up with amazing but weird idea.

She use to threaten her fiance with a sex ban for few weeks unless he buys what she wants.

#1 The idea is brainchild of Janey, 30, who revealed about it on Channel 5 Documentary Little Divas: Tantrums and Tiaras.

Womans puts fiancee on 'sex ban' in order to get what she wants2

#2 She said that she threatens her boyfriend with a sex ban for few weeks and it works.

#3 She added that she has done this in past and she will continue whenever she need to buy anything.

#4 She explained that she is shopaholic and shopping makes her stress free.


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