Woman who died while climbing Everest, wanted to prove ‘vegans’ can do anything

A 34 year old woman wanted to prove that ‘vegans’ are not malnourished and can do anything. And to prove, she was climbing Mount Everest. Unfortunately, she fell ill and died.

It has been reported that the 34 year old Australian Lecturer, Maria Strydom, was climbing with her husband Robert Gropel. She suffered strong altitude sickness and later died.

The Australian climber has been identified as Dr Maria Strydom, a finance lecturer from Victoria's Monash University. Dr Strydom was an experienced climber who had mounted several peaks around the world over the past eight years.

It is said that due to lack of Oxygen in the air, she died.

It was the seventh death in a week, while climbing Mount Everest.

Her last words were “By climbing the seven summits we want to prove that vegans can do anything and more”.


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