Woman receives horrifying thing in her KFC meal

Getting something unusual in the KFC chickens or meals is not a new thing. People usually get something in their meal, then they file complaint, then the restaurant apologize for that.

Well, something similar happened with the lady, Cassandra Perkins, 22.

Woman receives horrifying thing in her KFC meal1

#1 She went to the KFC in England Rushden to have some food.

#2 She was about to eat the chicken, but immediately felt ‘something fishy’.

#3 She looked at the chicken and even tasted a bit.

#4 It surely wasn’t good.

#5 She after looking little closely found that it had something else, something like Giblets.

#6 She complaint to the staff.

#7 They at first only offered to swipe the chicken.

#8 Later the company officials apologized for what she had to go through.


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