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Woman gets pregnant after eating McDonalds chicken


You might have heard several weird stories related to the fast food giant, McDonald.

But what we are sharing today is something out of the box.

Well, we are talking about a woman who gave birth to triplets after eating McDonalds chicken.

#1 Meet 34 year old Laura Dixon


#2 She was trying to conceive naturally for 10 years but failed.

#3 She then moved to IVF, but when she was on second cycle, she suffered miscarriage.

#4 After that, she again tried IVF.

#5 This time doctors told her to increase her intake of iron, vitamin and protein.

#6 She decided to start eating chicken, tough she was vegetarian by birth.


#7 She often started chicken of McDonald’s.

#8 It helped and she finally delivered triplets, who were completely healthy.