Woman found her phone in working condition a month later, after she lost it in SEA

A woman who had lost her iPhone in SEA, got finally reunited with it and surprisingly the phone was still in working condition.

It has been reported that the 47 year old, Stacey Sarre, was having a walk with her dog at Gorey beach in Jersey, when she accidentally lost her phone in waters.

She tried to find it with the help of a passer-by but failed.

Around a month later, metal detectorist Mihal Stratulat, 36, found the phone buried 15 inch under the sand.

He took the phone with him and kept it in a bin for two days to dry.

After two days, when he tried to switch it on, the phone booted normally.

He then returned the back to Stacey, who became very happy after reuniting with her beloved phone.


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