Woman chopped husband’s private part and the reason was very genuine

It is not the first time when we are hearing some woman who has chopped her husband’s private part because she found him cheating on her.

Something similar happened with this Thai couple.

#1 Actually, on June 7, the 39 year old woman discovered that her husband was having an illicit affair outside their marriage.

#2 She planned for the revenge.

#3 One day, she started seducing and giving blowjob to her husband to get him boner.

#4 Once he was fully stretched. She took a sharp knife and slashed his private part.

Woman chopped husband's private part and the reason was very genuine1

#5 With pain and anger, he immediately ran out of house trying to control the bloods.

#6 The wife herself called the paramedics few moments later.

#7 Doctors performed surgery and later said “they are unsure whether his private part will be fully-functional or not”.



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