Woman Accused of being ‘mistress’, violently beaten by Wife’s Gang

A woman who was accused of being ‘mistress’ of a man, got violently beaten up by the man’s wife and her friends on the middle of busy street.

It has been reported that the woman, identity is still unknown, but at that time she was wearing some green dress, was brutally thrashed by three other people including the man’s wife.

Some onlookers explained that the gang were continuously beating her and trying to strip her clothes off.

Woman Accused of being ‘mistress’, violently beaten by Wife’s Gang2

At one point, one person (from gang) started kicking and punching over her thighs and back repeatedly, until it became ‘deadly red’.

No any member of public (onlookers) came forward or tried to stop the ‘attack’.

Unfortunately, this was not the first time when something like this happened. Chinese women often use this trick (mob attack) in order to punish the girl, with whom their husband cheat.


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