Wife Calls Husband from Live Show and Mistress Picks Up the Phone

Leah Remini, the famous comedian, was recently at The Ellen Show. They both had talk about several things and meanwhile they came up with an idea to play a prank on her husband but eventually the funny prank turned into a serious issue.

Check out how:

#1 Ellen DeGeneres called Remini’s husband and decided to fool him with her British accent.

#2 They expected that her husband, Angelo, would answer but for a shock, it was a woman who picked up the phone.

#3 Ellen asked who she was. She replied ‘Tiffany’.

#4 Now, it was Tiffany’s turn to ask who was on the other side.

#5 But before Ellen could say, Remini grabbed the phone and screamed “his wife”.

#6 Tiffany then whispered to Angelo “You didn’t tell me you had a wife”.

#7 Well, it seemed that she (Remini) caught her husband cheating on Live TV. OMG.

#8 Later it was cleared that it was all a set up and all parties (including her husband and Tiffany) were involved in.


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