Why she poured cement in ice-cube tray, reason will amaze you

Sometimes we buy things which we can easily design according to our need at home. The advantage of making at home is you can give any look or feel according to your choice.

That’s why a woman poured some cement in ice-cube tray, what she ended up with is really amazing.

Let us see:

#1 She mixed sand and concrete powder with water until it turned into a paste (paste without any lump).


#2 She then took a cardboard paper (or any hard paper) and drew lines (size equal to tray) as shown in photo.


#3 She poured the cement mixture into the ice-cubes.


#4 She then carefully fixed the cardboard over the ice-cube tray and pierced one pin in middle of each portion.


#5 She took out the cement cubes after it dried (became hard). Also removed the paper.


#6 Now, look. Isn’t this great and beautiful.



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