Why she decided to go to gym only in bra is really incredible

In gym, we see men wearing several types of dresses, some prefer wearing tank tops, some prefer t-shirt, and some also prefer to wear nothing at the top.

But does the same applies to girls?

Well, the story of this girl is really inspiring.

#1 She is a competitive swimmer, who used to wear tight Speedo at gym.

#2 Sometimes she also wore long sleeve shirts at the gym (however, she hated it).

#3 Then her editor asked her to give a change – and to wear only sports bra on her top

#4 Initially, she felt little uncomfortable but she noticed that no one was giving her any offensive look (except few).

#5 She got more confident, and started wearing the same daily.

Well, you may think at the end that why she did all this.

Actually, she was afraid of few dominating males, who think that women should not wear this and that.


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