Why Most Airplanes are Painted White, Here are the reasons

If you have traveled or seen Airplanes, you would surely have noticed that most planes are colored in white. Why?

Well, here are the reasons:

#1 White color reflects heat from the plane’s exterior, and hence reduces the need of Interior Air Conditioning.

#2 Many Airplane Companies don’t buy aircraft but they take on lease from leasing companies. And most of the time, the leasing company doesn’t allow them to put paint (except logo or some designs).

#3 The White Color makes it easy to figure out any defect in the plane by ground staffs such as leaking oil, cracks, corrosion etc.

#4 Completely colored plane adds too much weights, which indirectly increases the fuel consumption.

#5 White Color lasts longer than any other color.

#6 Painting Simple White also saves lots of dollars.


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