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Why Marrying Best Friend Can Be Tricky Says Katherine Heigl


Katherine Heigl recently talked about her private life, marriage with husband Josh Kelly, their two daughters Naleigh and Adlaide, five and two respectively, and the many pets she keeps.

She revealed that she had seven dogs and three cats . When asked how she keeps all of these pets at home she said that they live in her house at Utah, where she also has a separate ranch with 9 horses, 2 goats, 2 donkeys and some chickens and mini horses.

Why Marrying Best Friend Can Be Tricky Says Katherine Heigl

Despite that her married life is on all time, says Katherine. According to her, Josh is like her best friend and they really enjoy each other’s company, but she admitted that it can get really tricky sometimes if friendship takes precedence over romance.

Josh and Katherine have been married since 2007, and while they occasionally try to make special romantic gestures for each other, they are mostly comfortable spending their time alone together with each other.

She explains that this is because they have spent so much time together, married for 6 years and together for 8, they have become comfortable in each other’s company, which according to her is awesome, spending time seeing a serial like Game of Thrones, or have a couple of cocktails and hang out together.

She confessed that she laughs at all her husband’s jokes. She says she really finds him funny and she also thinks that her husband loves her more for liking his jokes.

The Grey’s Anatomy actress went on to explain that one of biggest components of a stable relationship is communication. But that does not mean that their relationship suffers from the lack of it. It’s just that one person means or wants or needs something that the other does not understand for the lack of hearing out.