When wind caresses Jenny Frost dress, revealing her thigh and cleavage

It is not the fault of her dress or carelessness, but it happened when the beautiful dress of Jenny Frost went berserk when a gentle wind forced her dress to uncover her thigh and cleavage.

She battled a bit to control the naughtiness of wind but couldn’t control much. She was wearing a floaty summer dress on a cold November evening in Liverpool.

When wind caresses Jenny Frost dress, revealing her thigh and cleavage

The 36 year old went for the Celebration of Style event and found her in awkward situation when her dress floated in the wind. She tried to grab it tight, but already revealed her thigh and cleavage. The dress of the TV presenter was already being whipped by the wind, revealing her left thigh.

Her dress had a floor length with an oriental floral print with a muted colour palette. She complemented her skirt with a neutral toned leather jacket in a light beige-pink colour. She also donned a brown snake skin effect clutch bag.

She added cage brown sandals with a simple pendant. As the wind was whipping her skirt, she bent down to battle with her skirt, revealing her full cleavage with black bra a little. It was clearly unmanageable because she kept her straight hair opened, which also gave her a bit trouble.

Her smoky eyes didn’t betray any discomfort as she was looking perfect with her make-up and delicate lips.

The event was also accentuated with former Hollyoaks actresses Gemma Merna and Jennifer Metlafe, who had recently exist the show and wanted a change of image.


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