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What Your Underwear Says About You!


Everything about you tells something or the other about you, be it your nose, fingers or even your underwear! Your preference for color or comfort, your choice, all of it has something to do with your basic mannerisms and in turn helps to indicate that particular characteristic about you! Excited to know what your underwear says about you? Well then, scroll down and find out!
Men: Tighty-Whities – Tighty-whities are usually worn by three types of people: little boys, the elderly, or men who haven’t grown up yet. So which one are you?
Women’s Thongs – You’re one to love power, no matter where you find it, and that includes power over men! We know you’re not just flashing those by some mistake!
Womens Thongs
Men’s Boxers You’re one to love freedom, but yet not gutty enough to go beyond a certain point! And yes, we can tell all that just by seeing how you like to let your junk be free from constraints!
Mens Boxers
Women’s G-Strings Things totally define you. You’re a rebel who prefers a bit of danger and the company of men. And yes, you’re always ready for a bit of under-the-sheets fun if the situation calls for it, aren’t you?
Womens G-Strings
Women’s Bikini You want to be cute and comfortable at the same time. You’re probably just enjoying a regular day of work and hanging out with friends, but if someone sees you in your underwear, it wouldn’t be the end of the world.
Womens Bikini