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What Your Toothpaste’s Bottom Mark Says About It


We have been using the most popular brands of toothpaste from ever since we can imagine. Colgate, Pepsodent, Oral-B, Crest are to name few. Personally, I tend to buy and try each and every new product that these brands create and bring in the market. I will choose the toothpaste on the basis of its function or speciality, which can vary from deep cleansing, extra-whitening, fighting against tartar/plaque, preventing foul breath, treating sensitivity, etc. But, it was very recently that I came to know about the hidden reality behind the color of the toothpaste packing’s bottom.

1.Ever noticed or wondered what those colors signify?
Yes, we all have seen and have this fat line on the bottom of the packaging of the toothpaste we use, but very few of us have ever noticed that color difference in different kinds of toothpaste.

2.The fact behind the stripes
The following four colors are the most common ones which you will encounter.

3.Black or Green colored stripes
While Black colored stripes show that your toothpaste contains 100% chemicals, the Green colored stripe shows that your toothpaste is 100% All natural.

4.Blue Stripe – This color says that your toothpaste contains the combination of natural and medicinal ingredients.

5.Red stripe – A Red stripe is the proof of your toothpaste containing a mixture of natural and chemical ingredients.

Keep this in mind to become a wise consumer.
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