What Women Used To Enhance Their Beauty In The Past

Women have always been concerned about their appearance. Thanks to the technology that today, we have some of the best beauty devices which are non-messy, easy-to-use and compact. Here are some of the spookiest procedures that women used to put themselves through, all in the name of beauty!

These vintage beauty devices made me super nervous, and I just thanked God that I was not born in that era.

Women undergoing painstaking beauty procedures.
beauty procedures

That’s how doctors used to suck out skin spots in the past.
skin spots


I suppose, this is some slow killing beautifying device.
beautifying device

Slenderizing salons had massage chairs with metal rollers.
metal rollers

During the 1920s, it was believed that rubber mask could smoothen out the wrinkles.
rubber masks

The Hangover Heaven face pack with the plastic ice cubes.
Hangover Heaven

They were filled with water and frozen to apply on face.


For precision in makeup application.
makeup application

The ancient technique to freeze freckles.
freeze freckles

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beauty procedures

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