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What this UBER driver did to their customer is really shameful


Generally, we take cab to travel one place to another but what happened to this lady after leaving the UBER cab is really shameful.

According to the report, the woman called UBER taxi to travel to her home with her one friend but just before reaching her destination, she realized that she needed to go to ATM, so said the driver the stop taxi without cancelling the trip.

But the driver instead told them to get out and left the place.

Soon after, she noticed that the driver hadn’t have cancelled the trip and she was being charged without travelling.

So she canceled the trip using her own phone.

Just few minutes later, the driver started to call her. She picked and explained calmly that “you had forgotten to end the trip that’s why I did from my side”, but this wasn’t ok with that driver.

He started calling her again and again. For some time, she ignored him but eventually she had to pick the call.

And surprisingly, the driver started abusing the lady and said “why she cancelled the trip”.

However, it is unknown whether she has filed any complained against that driver or not.