What this girl did after finding a man crying at gas station is really amazing

Some people really set example for us by doing something good for needy. Well, we are talking about a girl who spotted a family crying at a gas station in chilly cold weather.

#1 She arrived at the gas station to get her car refilled.

#2 After refueling, she spotted a man crying sitting at the corner of the gas station.

#3 She when looked little closely, found his wife and two little daughters in their car.

#4 She immediately moved ahead and asked if anything wrong happened with them.

#5 The man came in front and said “he couldn’t do anything for his family”.

#6 She understood that they had no money, so she immediately used her card and allowed the man to refuel his car.

#7 She even asked if they needed any cloths because the temperature was 10 degrees.

#8 Few other people also came ahead seeing the girl for helping the family.



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