What this Delivery Boy did to a girl is really horrifying

Yesterday, we read about a delivery boy’s praiseworthy act but not all delivery boys are the same.

Well, today we are sharing a story of girl, who went through trauma because of one delivery boy.

Read below what actually happened:

#1 A girl named, Smitha (name changed) ordered some food from McDonald using the food ordering platform ‘foodpanda’.

#2 Soon the delivery boy reached at her place with the parcel. But she found that the food was not good, so she asked him to take back the parcel as she didn’t like.

#3 He rather requesting, started abusing and saying harsh words.

#4 After abusing and doing all stuffs, he left the place but he continued calling her on phone and asking for $ex.

#5 She was continuously ignoring his phone but one day, he shared her number on some whatsapp group, saying she was a ‘prostetute’.

#6 She started receiving dozens of call, seeking $ex for money.

#7 Eventually, she filed a complaint.

#8 By now, police has identified the delivery boy and taken into custody.


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