What does this ‘Power Button Symbol’ mean on every Gadget

Have you ever noticed your mobile’s or laptop’s power button. It has a symbol showing a broken circle and a line trying to enter into the circle.

Well, if you don’t know what the symbol actually explains, then read below.

#1 Actually, the circle is 0 and line is 1.

#2 And if you are known to Binary System then you must understand what the meaning of 1 and 0.

#3 Well, 1 explains ‘TRUE’ or ‘ON’ condition while 0 explains ‘FALSE’ or ‘OFF’ condition.

#4 During World War 2, engineers wanted to label the power button to make it unique and understandable.

#5 But it got standardized in back 1973 by INTERNATIONAL ELECTROTECHNICAL COMMISSION, IEC as power symbol.


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