Westlife star Shane talks about his bankruptcy in his new Autobiography

How often does a star reveal everything about his life? Here is the devastating crux of Westlife singer Shane’s life.

In his Autobiography, Shane shares his life story where at a moment he owned £8 million in his bank account and the very next moment when he had to even struggle to find his spare change in the drawers. He talks about his constant efforts just to earn some bucks in order to feed his family back then. He had to himself, pending bills which demanded as much as £18 million, resulting in him to file for bankruptcy.

Westlife star Shane talks about his bankruptcy in his new Autobiography

The widely known singer talks about the psychological scars of that tumultuous time with his story in his book My Side Of Life, serialised by The Mirror.

Losing his cars, helicopter and his family house was the most painful thing, according to his book. He even had to sell off wife Gillian’s wedding ring which costed £33,000. Later on he reveals that he managed to buy it back but doesn’t say the price.

Talking about his bankruptcy he mentions in the book ‘I sobbed, sobbed and sobbed. My world had crumbled around me. I had no answer to my kids impeding questions about what happened to Daddy. Gillian is the one who is to be thanked. Not just my sanity she actually saved us all.’

The next he talks about how his bandmembers parted away and the struggles he had with the sponsors. His book also focuses on the other aspects of his life which are not known to anyone but him and his better half.


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