Weirdest reasons ever, why an employee got fired on his first day

Getting fired on the very first day of joining is not a normal thing.

And today we are sharing few amazingly hilarious reasons why these bosses have fired their employees on their very first day:

#1 A senior school teacher writes “I along with the management, fired a new teacher on his first day because he kept laughing creepily while observing classes”.

#2 Freputtscore writes “Fired a guy on his first day, because he thought he though by his own that it would be funny to cancel a five-year old’s order”.

#3 Graphitetshirt writes “I got fired because I tried to buy weeds from a customer just because he looked like someone who might have weed, but he didn’t have”.

#4 Bobmystery writes “My chef fired a new guy, just because he offered him ‘heroin’”.

#5 Bazlbt writes “On the very first day of night shift job, a guy got fired because he was found sleeping all the night on the desk, where he was supposed to work”.


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