Waiter Receives 135,135% Tip and reason is really Genuine

Offering tip to the waiter for his/her service, is a very normal trend. Its customary to tip around 15-20% of the total bill.

But recently a waiter received a tip, which was 135135% of the total bill.

Well, here is the reason:

#1 Meet 32-year-old waiter, Kasey Simmons, who works at Applebee’s in Dallas.

#2 Like every day, he was serving to his customers, when a lady arrived and ordered 37 cent drink.

#3 After finishing the drink, the lady (unnamed) left $500 tip along with the bill.

Waiter Receives 135,135% Tip and reason is really Genuine1

#4 She also wrote the reason, over a napkin, why she did this.

#5 She explained that Simmons was in a supermarket where she helped an elderly sad looking woman, by paying her bill.

#6 That woman was her (lady customer) mother and she was sad because it’s her dad’s death anniversary.

#7 She added “It was not about the money – it’s about showing someone you care”.

#8 Unfortunately, the lady didn’t leave her name.


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