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Victoria’s Family joins her in the NYFW 2014


Victoria Beckham is also a fashion designer and she took her kids and husband, David Beckham to her latest runway fashion show NYFW 2014. Her four children were present in this show and they were all looking well groomed and dressed smartly. David is a big soccer star. The presence of the whole family was like a star that shined in the fashion show.

People who attended the fashion show got a chance to see the celebrity family of Victoria. David took a photo of himself with his daughter, who is still a toddler. They were waiting for Victoria’s garments to be modeled and displayed.

The runway show was a very important event for Victoria. Her family attended the show to be with Victoria to share her big moment. She had designed the fall collection, which was being presented in this show. This collection was based on the theme that things are not what they look like or seem to be.

Victoria's family in NYFW 2014

Victoria’s family in NYFW 2014

When the fashion show was over, someone interviewed Victoria in the backstage area. Victoria said in this interview that things are three hundred and sixty degrees and things are not flat. When we look at a coat standing in front of it, it gives a structured look. When you look at the same coat standing at the backside, the coat has a pleat that looks very beautiful.

Some dresses that you see from the front have the whole back missing. Therefore, things are not in reality what you see at the first moment.

All dresses that Victoria presented in this show were black and white in color. The main feature of these dresses was that they had ruffles and pleats. Another interesting aspect of the collection was that the dressed had an accessory of gold chain, which was draped in the dress. The dresses had only one gold chain.

Victoria revealed that she was making some changes in the style of designing clothes but she also considered the fact that the regular customers too can enjoy her clothes and they are not alienated by the changed designs of her garments.

Victoria said that her intention behind making changes in her garments was to satisfy her creative urges. She also takes care that the customers are satisfied and they get the garments that they desire.

She said that she wanted to make her presence strong in the city of New York. She said that she is not shifting to Miami. David had said some time back that he wanted to start a soccer franchisee In Miami. However, Victoria said that she is not going to Miami and she would continue to live in London with her kids.