Very unique skin condition caused by a rare genetic trait – amazing Mui’s story

Mui is a lovely girl with a very unique skin condition caused by a rare genetic trait. With the love and support of amazing parents and a determination to live a great life, Mui is inspiring people all over the world. This is her story. Roger and Tina Thomas met Mui at a hospital they were both volunteering in at the time. They were immigrants from Germany and Great Britain. The hospital caring for Mui had plans to send her to a hospital for the mentally disabled. They couldn’t bear the thought of that, so they decided to do something about it. They wanted to give this precious girl a chance at a better life, even with her condition. The Thomas’ adopted Mui and prepared for their lives to change forever. She would definitely need constant care for her skin condition. It is rare and incurable. The condition is so rare, that most have never seen it, and they assume Mui was burned. Strangers have even accused these loving parents of abuse. Mr. Thomas said “A lady once spat in my wife’s face and accused her of having burnt Mui. But we have always shown her how important it is, to enjoy the world, to use the day. While you never know, what’s waiting just around the corner.” What big hearts they have to give this girl the love and care that she needs!
Her condition is called ichthyosis graves and it is basically and overgrowth of skin. Skin cells are produced at an accelerated rate. This causes her skin to be tough, tight and brittle. It often breaks causing infection and blisters. With great drive and determination, she has lived as normal a life as possible. At age 22 he is much older than most other people make it to with this condition. People usually do not survive it.

amazing Mui's story

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