USA Women ran a race without any opponents and surprisingly they are qualified for finals

It may seem little weird at first but wait until we explain what exactly happened:

#1 The relay race (4×100) was happening normally when the error occurred.

#2 At the second exchange, the USA runner Allyson Felix, was to throw the baton to the third runner, English Gardner.

#3 But a Brazilian runner obstructed the way of Felix, because of which she lost control.

#4 Unfortunately, the next runner, Gardener, couldn’t understand this and hence a confusion occurred between both runners.

#5 Gardener soon stated running with a brilliant speed, but soon she realized that she had dropped the baton in the exchange zone itself during the confusion.

#6 Later, USA appealed for the review to Jury.

#7 Jury after reviewing disqualified Brazilian runners for obstructing USA’s runners.

#8 And the USA runners were given another chance in which they had to run without any opponents and surprisingly they set amazing record and entered in finals.


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