US Vice President Biden to Meet Ukraine PM, President

Joe Biden the US vice president is set to meet with the acting president of Ukraine Oleksander Turchinov during his visit to Kiev. He would also be meeting the Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk on Tuesday.

Biden who arrived at Kiev on Monday afternoon would be meeting with the members of Rada parliament as well. A statement issued by White House has clearly outlined Biden’s priorities in regard to the visit.

Holding talks with political leaders from different spectrum and regions Biden would also discuss the current and ongoing efforts being made by international community to foster stability in the region. Meeting with different non-governmental organization representatives Biden would bring up issues and discuss key areas to strengthen the economy of Ukraine. Issues like constitutional reforms for which the US has been pressing Ukraine and international community as also pivot areas like holding presidential elections as scheduled on May 25th in a fair manner, the roadmap to decentralization and efforts to check corruption would also be talked of.

US Vice President Biden to Meet Ukraine PM

US Vice President Biden to Meet Ukraine PM

The other main area where the US seems to be keen to communicate with the current government in Ukraine is the latest developments that have been witnessed in eastern part of Ukraine. Amid international concern on stability of the region Biden would be discussing the long-term security of Ukraine in terms of energy.

The week has been turbulent for eastern Ukraine. On Sunday a gunfight close to a city led to death of three locals. The city has been taken under control by pro-Russian armed group who have brought the credibility of an international accord brokered earlier in Geneva for the region under the cloud. The visit comes in wake of increasing fear amid Washington that Russia would be gunning for usurping more territory of Ukraine. Since the incident in eastern Ukraine a war-of-words has flared up between the Ukraine government that has the West’s support and Moscow. It has also put Russia’s relations with West under the spanner.

Apart from local representatives Biden also intends to meet and discuss issues with staff of US diplomats who are stationed at Kiev embassy. He would be interacting with family members of the embassy staff.

US Vice President Biden to Meet Ukraine PM

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