Two Girls Dipped their hairs in a BOWL and the result was amazing

Graying of hair is a very common problem seen in adults. And to get rid of those, you need to visit salon in each 15 days.

However, few people also get their hair colored as part of fashion.

But this is quite expensive method.

Well, here today we have brought a easy hair dye trick, which can be done at home, without spending much money.

So, let’s get started:

#1 You need, Kool-Aid Hair Dye, a pan for bowling, a bowl and two cups of water.

#2 Bowl the water and then mix the Kool-Aid Mixture in it.

#3 Once every lump gets dissolved. Take out the mixture into bowl.

#4 Dip you hairs into the mixture (bowl) and keep for around 7 minutes.

#5 After 7 minutes, dry your hair using towel or napkin.

#6 Now, you will notice that your hair have got a beautiful shades.


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