Twelve amazing signs that explain your boyfriend is perfect marriage material

Wedding is the most important part of life and for that one-day people start preparing themselves for years.

But what if you end up marrying a wrong person.

That’s why we today have a list of signs which explain your boyfriend is a perfect marriage material and you can without any hesitation go marrying him.

Let’s get started:

#1 If he knows every good and bad about you even then he loves you with all his heart

#2 If he prefers relationship on the top

#3 If he remembers every single thing about you

#4 If He never hides anything to you

#5 If he never chooses things to do which you don’t like or hate

#6 If he always tries to bring smile on your face

#7 If he remains supportive to you in your bad days

#8 If he respects you and never avoids to accept the relationship in public

#9 If he never compares you with anyone and always prefers you

#10 If he tries to cook for you

#11 If he tries to make you feel special all the time

#12 If he thinks or asks to you before making any decision or plan


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