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Tracy Morgan Released From Rehab


Cheers!! Tracy Morgan is set free from the rehabilitation center, where he was recovering from critical injuries due to deadly crash with a Wal-Mart truck driver.

The famous “SNL” actor announced his discharge on Saturday, last week. Just a few days ago, Morgan along with two other passengers sued Wal-Mart which claimed the life of their friend.”Tracy, though is released from the rehabilitation center but will have to recover at home through the aggressive outpatient program” said the actor’s rep.

Tracy Morgan Released From Rehab

“He thanks everyone who helped in this phase with sincerest gratitude and also desires some privacy during his recovery now” the rep added. The mishap occurred on 7 June when the actor was in a limo bus on a highway near New Jersey when suddenly a Wal-Mart semi-truck hit him and spurred many other vehicles leaving him and other passengers injured.

The well known comedian James McNair, 62, or Jimmy Mack unfortunately couldn’t survive the accident. The “30 Rocks” star had broken his leg and ribs and was shifted to a rehabilitation facility for a speedy recovery.

According to lawsuit, he has been incapacitated from resuming to his employment or any other work activities lest he be left with disabilities because of the deadly crash. Wal-Mart called it “a sad and unfortunate tragedy” and said it is “committed to deliver compensation to anyone involved.” The driver behind the crash Kevin Roperis found not guilty to charges as per jurisdiction.