Home News Tracy Morgan Exits Hospital; Enters Rehab

Tracy Morgan Exits Hospital; Enters Rehab


Tracy Morgan is now release from the hospital. He has been sent to a rehab center.

After New Jersey car crash now the comedian is showing signs of improvement, but still it is a long way to go for him until he becomes completely fit, says his spokesman Lewis Kay in a released statement today.

Tracy Morgan Exits Hospital; Enters Rehab

The “30 Rock” star was in New Brunswick, N.J. hospital for about two weeks after the accident from Tumpike car wreck. Now he has been transferred to an undisclosed rehab center. It is reported he may stay in the rehab for about next few weeks.

Morgan’s spokesman added further that he as well as his fiancee Megan Wollover wanted to express their deepest gratitude to all the staff and other members at the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital for their care and attention.

Morgan suffered a broken leg and few other injuries after a tractor-trailer plowed into his Mercedes-Benz limo-van. He was then with four pals who also were injured from the accident.

The truck driver Kevin Roper has been charged with vehicular homicide. The accident took place at late-night.