Too much of love from Gerard Butler for his Brunette Love

It has been three months that he is seen being pictured and spending time with a brunette beauty now. Who is she?

Too much of love from Gerard Butler for his Brunette Love

According to sources, Gerard Butler is now known to be taken. In the pictures, they are seen together where he eyes his new bikini-clad companion and is seen glancing at her derriere on Thursday near Malibu.

The pair was seen to be enjoying the sunny afternoon on a beach where the couple was paddling in the open water of the beautiful ocean. The two are known to have reached the Malibu terrains in a golf buggy after some maneuvering on their paddle boards.

The mystery girl was climbing herself up exposing her perfectly tanned and toned legs on Thursday. She was reaching for something in the buggy. To this act, Gerard could just not stop himself from glaring at her and then keeping his hands off the lady. Gerard was later seen sealing lips with her while he grabbed her buttock, amid the beautiful waters.

The 44 year-old actor, flaunted his semi-toned body in his shorts and impressed the brunette lady with his ocean balancing skills. He next stood straight on his blue surf board with sheer determination. The actor did fall but after strolling the blue waters with his style and grace for about sometime.

The two seemed to have had the time of their lives and were seen returning to their hotels just after the sunset. This was their fourth outing together in Malibu according to sources. They just cant get enough!


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