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Tom Cruise’s Son Connor Cruise Has Put Up Some Weight


Tom Cruise ‘s son Connor Crusie has been picking up some weight lately, but he is not too concerned about it. The 19-year old recently revealed his weight gain on a beach in Mexico on May 9.

Connor Cruise, a professional DJ, has been performing at various venues the world over. He was spotted on the beach in Mexico wearing a pair of multi-color swim trunks, with a much weightier figure than he has previously been spotted in, ahead of the opening of the Hard Rock Riveria Maya in Mexico.

Tom Cruise's Son Connor Cruise Has Put Up Some Weight

Connor also wore a gold necklace and watch, as he smoked cigarettes and sipped on some beverage, and looked like he was enjoying his time with his friends in the water.

Connor’s body is a lot weightier and bulgier than the slender and fit frame that he had revealed back in 2011, but a source said that the Crusie Jr. does not care because he is still doing well with ladies.

The Red Dawn actor also recently dispelled rumors that he had been estranged from his mother Nicole Kidman, saying that he loved his mum in an interview with Women’s Daily Australia last March adding that he did not care about what other people said, he knew that his and his mother’s relationship is solid.

The teenager further clarified that his family meant everything to him saying that music might be an important part of his life but nothing was more important that his family which comes before everything else.

Connor’s father Tom has shown support for his son’s musical endeavors, dropping by the various places Connor performs at.