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Tom and Gisele Make the Boston Marathon a Family Affair


The Boston marathon that witnessed close to 36,000 runners also witnessed some star personalities joining in to the spirit. Footballer Tom Brady made it a family affair by turning up with wide Gisele Bundchen and their two kids to promote and support the run.

The event was special and why wouldn’t it be. It was exactly a year after the tragic bombing that marked the much awaited Marathon. Making a huge effort to pull out of the fear and tragedy that marked last year’s marathon it was also an effort by the people of Boston and others who came all the way to run to keep the spirit up and going. While the runners were there with full enthusiasm there was a mammoth crowd of supporters who came with motivational signs and banners keeping the atmosphere ringing with excitement.

Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon

Brady who’s the Football quarterback for New England Patriots in National Football League was apparently keen to be part of the action. Tom and Gisele were part of the supporters’ mob along with their children Vivian Ben. The family went over to the racing route and chatted with the runners. The celebrity couple cheered the runners on the Boylston street and later also met the finishers later. And while they did, the other reason for them to witness the run was that Tom’s sister Nancy was running. Nancy who was marking her support for McCourt Foundation participated in the marathon in full zest.

Earlier, Gisele expressed her intentions to be there for the Boston marathon and shared a message on Instagram wishing the runners good luck. The supermodel who is debuting in the all-new H&M campaign took time off her break neck schedule for the occasion.

The 118 th Marathon held in Boston witnessed some excellent performances like Tedy Brushi who marked an improvement in run time from that recorded in last run in 2012.