Three times divorcee found his love with a DOLL

A three-time divorcee man has finally found his love of life. Wait, there is something strange as his love of life is nothing else but a doll.

It has been reported that the man, known only as Murray, from Queensland in Australia, bought his first doll in the 2008 but eventually he settled down with a doll, which he named Noni.

Man-divorced-3-times-finds-love-with-a-sex-doll-called-Noni (1)

He revealed in a talk with ABC – ‘after my divorce I was left broken, lonely and devastated’.

‘I was very close to suicidal but then thought to find new ways for life’.

‘The doll gave me new hope. She not only helps in my loneliness but also gives pleasure physically’.

‘No one can understand the amazing bonding of us’.


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