Three Ladies Takes Entry In Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Real Housewives of New Jersey is back. Dina Manzo makes a return and three new ladies make debuts.

Some heartbreaking scenes were seen. Teresa’s friends and family were seen dealing with the ongoing legal problems. Teresa’s oldest daughter Gia was seen in tears and revealing to her mom she has understood with what pain the entire family is going through. Meanwhile, Dina and Melissa both were comforting Teresa.

Three Ladies Takes Entry In Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Everything was not sad in the Jersey. Happy moments too were shown. Newly joined Amber Marchese was seen becoming cancer-free for past five years and she has also done Masters in the Bio-behavioral studies/Exercise Physiology from Columbia University.

She threw harvest party and invites everyone. Her college time friend Melissa too was invited even though the two hadn’t spoken for a while. The reunion was there, but it was a bit rough.

It was revealed during the college days Melissa wanted to marry Amber for money, but now knowing about the cancer even though a message on Facebook was sent that goes deleted now.

At the same party it was also learned Teresa’s husband Rino was circumcized when he was just 27.

Teresa married Rino in 1991 and later divorced him. This was her first marriage. She got married again after eleven years of the divorce and now helps husband in running a restaurant successfully in New York.

Teresa’s twin sister was shown as her best friend. She is Nicole Napolitano and has two kids who lives with her and works in private aviation.


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