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Three Fun Ways to Reward Your Staff for Their Hard Work


Employee recognition and reward plays a huge part in how well your business is run. When you are a business owner or manager, making sure that the people who work for you feel that they are recognized and appreciated for their work is an important step in achieving a great level of employee satisfaction in the workplace. No matter the industry, when a business has people in its employ who are satisfied with their job and motivated to do well, this has a positive effect on business processes, profits, productivity and other results. If you’re trying to come up with innovative ways to reward your employees, we’ve got some great ideas for you here.

#1. Trips and Tours

Arranging a fun day or even a weekend for your employees to enjoy can be an excellent way for making sure that they know that their hard work and effort is not going unnoticed. Whether you pay all or part of the cost, offering your employees the opportunity to take the trip of a lifetime around some great places, for example weekends away, can be an excellent way to help encourage them to really love their job. For those on a smaller budget, taking part in activities close to home, or simply going out for a meal or drinks can be a good option. Alternatively, this Columbus escape room can make for a great team building activity.  Using clues from around the room, team members need to work together to escape before the one-hour time limit is up!

#2. Non-Cash Bonuses

When it comes to handing out bonuses and rewards to employees for their hard work and effort, many employers and business owners mistakenly believe that they need to give out hard, cold cash for it to be effective. However, this isn’t true at all – there are plenty of ways in which you can reward your employees and ensure that their efforts are noticed without giving them any extra money. Offering extra holiday time, longer lunch hours, and even paid days off will all cost you something, but these bonuses can be just as effective as cash for a fraction of the price to your company.

#3. Saying Thank You

Last but not least, even the most cash-strapped of business owners and managers can still make sure that they improve employee satisfaction within their company without having to spend a penny. When it comes to making sure that your workforce knows that they are appreciated and valued in your company, a simple ‘thank you’ can definitely go a long way. Often, employees who are feeling dissatisfied, demotivated and disengaged at work often feel this due to a lack of gratitude from those who they are working for. Sending out emails at the end of the day to thank everybody for their hard work and taking advantage of any chance that you get to thank your employees in person for specific tasks or simply for their great work overall is more effective than you may realize.

For many business owners and managers, rewarding staff for their hard work is vital to having a productive company.