This Video proves that the man has worst neighbors ever

If your neighbor is friendly and supportive, you can term yourself a lucky person. But wait, not everybody in this world is lucky.

Here is the story of a person, who was just fed up with his neighbor.

#1 His story includes a neighbor who lived with girlfriend above his apartment.

#2 The couple used to fight (also throwing things here and there) in each night around 3AM, making his life hell.

#3 Suddenly one day, the couple stopped fighting. And he came to know that they both broke up.

#4 Well, he thought he got relief from everyday’s ‘screaming’.

#5 But one day, the man (after break up) started talking or you can say screaming to himself.

#6 This continued for several months until he decided to leave the apartment.

Here is the video, uploaded over YouTube, showing his neighbor. He recorded the video for three years.



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